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This article tells everyone about Doraemon Nobita's Farm Story, and Doraemon The knowledge points corresponding to Doraemon Nobita’s Farm Story recipes, I hope it will be helpful to you, don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of contents in this article: 1. How to get Doraemon Nobita’s Farm Story props What is missing 2. Doraemon Nobita's Pasture Story expansion house? How do Doraemon Nobita’s Harvest Story props drop? ...cut the props and the ending disappeared. Fortunately, there is TV shopping there. French standard: watch TV on Saturday first. (Must watch the whole thing) and then go to the dormitory phone to make a phone call Law wind. Pay money to order. Look for the yellow-haired prince and the carpenter to get it. Daxiong Farm Story 2 special code props, the fourth talent can be obtained, find the yellow-haired prince and the carpenter, talk to them and you can get it Nobita Story of Farm Farm 2 is the game Doraemon Story of Farm Farm 2, which is a video game launched by Bandai Namco. Doraemon Story of Farm Farm 2 favorability unlocking props are all improved The amulet can be dropped the next day when the favorability reaches five hearts. Dongdong unlocks the ability to make amulets. The amulet is a waste product. It is actually to increase the mining income and is necessary for mining. Increase the favorability of Dongdong to Seven stars, unlock a more powerful amulet. Doraemon Nobita's Story of the Pastures what to expand the house 1, Doraemon Story of the Pastures 2 How to expand Doraemon's Story of the Pastures 2 Expansion Raiders Ending gameplay The first time the house is special It is very complicated. The expansion needs 10 corks, 10 stones and 3000 pieces. Doraemon Nobita’s Pasture Story can be expanded if you gather them together. 2. Daxiong’s Farm Story is waiting to go to the forest carpenter’s house to upgrade the house. Just inquire about relevant information. The upgrade of the ranch house requires firewood and money. Woodworkers who go to the forest can be upgraded, and firewood can be dropped by chopping branches or stumps with an axe. 3. Expanding the chicken house can increase the capacity of the original four chickens to eight chickens, and the cow house can also be expanded from eight chickens Up to sixteen. Doraemon Nobita’s Farm Story bear plot how to trigger introduction/hotkeys Operation. Both the buttons and the handle can be controlled, and it is convenient for game players to control the keyboard and mouse. And log in your own game account. Next, click the first game of "Doraemon Nobita's Farm Story" and pass the level. Finally, after passing the level, you can unlock Nobita in the flat animal. You need to trigger the puppy plot first (enter Leng Biao Biao Mountain to trigger it automatically), and then trigger the supplementary puppy plot at the mayor’s place. After the completion of the puppy plot, you can get the super gloves (the meritorious service can store 9 bars). How to make a quick profit in Doraemon Nobita's Farm Story It is relatively complicated to achieve a daily income of 3 million. The following conditions are required: upgrade the house, open the kitchen and buy a rolling pin. Save before 12:00 on the first day of spring, check whether there is wheat in the randomly sold crops after the store opens, and read the file if not. Build a flour mill. Doraemon Ranch Story 2 Profit Guide About the method of brushing money with bread: flour is 200 a piece, and the half-star bread that was made the earliest just now is 170 a piece. It must be a loss at the earliest. But 2 groups can make 1.5-star bread, and the price is 219 a piece. After the rolling pin reaches 5 stars, the two-and-a-half-star bread sells for 281, making a net profit of 81. The introduction of the bread profit method first pretends to be upgraded to a second-level house, and after driving out of the kitchen, buy wheat flour to make bread and resell it. There is absolutely no technical content, only reselling. But it is worth noting that the bread is made of wheat flour and a rolling pin. Brush the fries. Tips for brushing French fries: Find a woodcutter to upgrade to a house before the first day of spring (show the kitchen automatically after the promotion), and have 30,000 yuan in cash. 1. Ways to make quick profits: Number of profits/month: 40,000. There will be one pine mushroom in the big rock in the back mountain in spring, and two in the church. If you collect 3 pine mushrooms every day, you can earn 45,000, but considering the concert and other factors, you can’t pick them every day, so you can earn 40,000 a month. put it. This is the end of the introduction of Doraemon Nobita's Farm Story and Doraemon Nobita's Farm Story recipe. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more information about this, remember to bookmark and pay attention to this site.

[Doraemon Nobita's Farm Story] Recipe for Doraemon Nobita's Farm Story (

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