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shared the knowledge of endzone with you in the past, and also explained the endzone stack. If it can properly solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this site. Now Get started! A list of the contents of this article: 1. How to drop endzone waste 2. What is the difference between the endzone rescue version and the standard version on steam? 3. What are the rules of the NFL game? EndzoneAWorldApart》Late-stage reclamation strategy How to drop endzone waste 1. It is best to choose high difficulty, multi-player, so more people will lose. Make a search for the swamp map and find the village. There are so many boxes inside, often There are more than a dozen boxes and wooden barrels put together, so you can also brush waste. 2, Daguai drop. The mission is to call 17 zombies for the first case of waste Daguai drop. "Call" is an FPS game series produced and released by Activision Corporation (now Activision Blizzard, which announced its merger on December 2, 2007). It is the first work in the "Mission Call" series. 3. Waste: Ethereal warriors have a high probability of being lost, the first act of the funeral mountain cave small boss has a very high probability of being lost, and other monsters also have a small probability of being lost. Ethereal crystal: the ground will not move The crystal is lost, and the loss rate is 100%, true. Blood of Hades: Salazar and Salazar's striker have a small probability of loss. 4. No Man's Sky can be recovered Scrap is the scrap that players dismantle and drop. Players can drop ferrite powder through recyclable scrap. In the game of No Man’s Sky, recyclable scrap is recyclable Recycling scraps can be dropped in the burnt points of most galaxies. 5. The Copper Cave is a dungeon located in the Griffin Mountains area. It needs to reach level 30 to enter. In the dungeon, you need to find randomly generated waste relief missions. After completing the missions, you can get rewards for taking care of them. The waste relief missions do not appear every time, and you need to try many times in the dungeon to find them. 6. In the later stage, you must pay attention to the water and food not to increase. In the later stage, you must increase the water and food. Don’t have too much housing in the later stage. If you have too many children, you can still eat and drink without being dazzling. You can spend money on water and food. Endzone saves the world on steam What is the difference between the standard version and the standard version? 1. Generally, there are three versions of a game available for purchase on Steam. The three versions are distinguished: the first version is usually the standard version, which is the game itself. 2. The content is different. The Confinement Survival Standard Edition includes the complete storyline offline system and online system. In addition to the complete storyline and online system in the final version, you can also enjoy all existing gameplay updates and official production content. Gift benefits Disagreement. 3. A standard edition and a deluxe edition, and the deluxe edition has multiple season passes and some in-game items. 4. The following inconsistencies: content inconsistency. The standard edition contains complete fault gestures (offline compilation) and online compilation. In addition to the complete storyline and online system, the final version can also enjoy all existing gameplay updates and official production content. What are the rules of the nfl game? There are 11 endzone players on each side of the game, one side is the offensive group endzone, and the other side is the defensive group. The goal of the attacking group is to attack the opponent's position with the ball as much as possible, and strive to cross the scoring line and enter the opponent's end zone to score. There are two methods of impact, the player runs forward with the ball (rushing) or passes the ball in the air (passing). 1. Before the start of the game, the captains of both teams guess coins in the center of the field to decide which team will kick off and attack. The visiting team has the priority to guess coins. It is estimated that the Chinese side chooses to attack or defend, but it is not estimated that the Chinese side chooses the direction of the field. The right to kick off and the choice of attacking direction shall not be postponed until the second half. American football games are held between two teams of up to 53 people (NFL rules). The two sides send 11 players to the game, and they can exchange some or all of the players on the field at any time. The party that gets possession of the ball is the attacking party. The goal is to attack the opponent's position with the ball as much as possible, and strive to cross the scoring line and enter the opponent's end zone to score. For all NFL games, the burst method is that the team that scores first in overtime (all methods) automatically loses the win when there is an extra tie in the rules. At the end of rule time, the referee will toss a coin at halftime and the captain of the away team will guess first. Doomsday zone isolated from the world "EndzoneAWorldApart" late stage reclamation strategy solution: only need to build 10 houses in the late stage, and stock up a lot of food and water. In the later stage of the wasteland reclamation strategy, one fish house, two storage tanks, bridges, and wells are given priority. Plant a tree (only supports the difficulty of no tree). Give priority to the water and fish houses to be full of people, and then plant the seeds with the lowest yield in the farmland. Exchange high-yield seeds with enough food. The map ruins are large, the forest is large, the mountains are small, and the space available for the end game is large. In the beginning, open the radiation interface first to see if the nearest water source has radiation. If the radiation affects the water intake, it will be reopened. It is annoying to imagine that there will be radiation in the water intake at the end. Water and food are the most basic needs of residents, which can also be called storage costs. When residents lack water and food, they will quickly inflate. At the same time, food and water will be affected by radiation and affect residents Radiation and health. Wood and scrap are primary costs that are used to spend other subsequent costs, and are also used to construct buildings. Textile factories can directly produce cloth by using specific crops. To build one, first you need to drop the seeds first, and second, you have to occupy an area to consume the crop and the output is really not high. As a result, this building is very inefficient. If you want to drop the cloth, you can just use the remaining recycling stations that will be expanded later. The expedition team can open the exploration window in the exploration station to view all the places that can be explored on the map. First, send a scout to investigate, and then organize the expedition team to explore. This is the end of the introduction of endzone. Thank you for taking the time to watch and appreciate the content of this site. For more information about endzone stack and endzone, don’t forget to search on this site.

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