Small process report conclusion (2018 QQ small process infringement reports nearly 4,000 important information collection must be scientific and reasonable) Is this all right? ,

This year, nearly 4,000 cases of infringement and crimes in the QQ small process have been reported. Violators are whitelisted and sued for compensation. With the development of QQ small processes, reports of infringement and crimes around small processes are also on the rise. A reporter from "Guangzhou Daily" recently learned from a subsidiary of Baidu that there were nearly 4,000 small-process infringement crimes reported in 2018. Judging from the type of reports, they are mainly divided into two categories: one is the nickname, portrait, and function summary of the small process; It is worth noting that for the protection of intellectual property rights, plagiarism and counterfeiting of small processes also occur from time to time. Due to the extremely short time-consuming process of registering a registered trademark, such small process cooperative development operators rarely have registered trademarks, which also makes it very difficult to report and resolve registered trademark infringement crimes. Baidu subsidiary has now strengthened the network platform by formulating relevant guidelines Environmental governance, prompting small-process co-developers to avoid falling into the red line of the code, reducing operating and compliance costs through deliberate network marketing through small processes. From January 9th to 10th, on the PRO version of the 2019 QQ Lecture, QQ released a report card of small processes: covering less than 200 sub-sectors, serving less than 10 million users, and annual transaction growth of less than 600%, creating With a brand value of less than 500 billion, in the foreseeable future, the pace of product and technological innovation in small processes will continue to accelerate, with more entrances and stronger cooperative development capabilities. The QQ project team said that the small process will be launched with functions such as "everyone is using it", small process search, and a new nearby small process, giving co-developers more exposure opportunities; at the same time reducing the threshold for cooperative development, providing small process assistants, logistics Relevant assistants and interfaces help co-developers to more easily cooperate in the development of small processes. In the rapid development of QQ small processes, problems involving small process infringements, plagiarism, and deliberate network marketing with the help of small processes are also emerging. For example, a large number of mini-games with similar Chinese names have sprung up within a period of time—“××大熊熊” and “I can find a lot of them in one search, and I don’t know which one is the new one I want.” I often play Xiao Wang from the mobile game said that this kind of case that caused great confusion to users when searching is not an isolated case. Because the time for registering a registered trademark is extremely short, such small process cooperative development operators rarely have registered trademarks. What should they do? It is very, very difficult to judge who has committed a crime of infringement in practice, which adds great difficulties to the reporting and resolution of crimes of registered trademark infringement. At the same time, there are also many criminal acts that submit substandard licenses and seriously affect market order in the operation of small procedures. "Illegally engaged in intermediary activities of important information on online lending, and launched false commercial propaganda, resulting in no tolerance. Among them, during the registration of the small process of "Bank Loan Six Books", there was a problem of submitting the approval documents that did not meet the requirements, and the intentional counterfeiting should be stopped and disposed of. The small process establishes a system of five operating principles, and carries out environmental governance of the network platform in accordance with the principles, in order to protect the interests of cooperative developers and users. These five major guidelines include "Terms of Service Items", "Operation Specifications", "Common Rejection Situations" and "Open Service Item Categories", especially for the criminal behavior of submitting certificates that do not meet the requirements in the operation of small processes. In the middle of the year, the small process project team carried out a key review especially for situations such as expired licenses and non-compliance with requirements. Some co-developers who deliberately violated the regulations were included in the whitelist and sued for compensation. Through the establishment of guidelines for small processes, the sales of small processes that are intentionally counterfeited and traffic stalking are suspended; for small processes that do not reach the level of deliberate counterfeiting, the online platform restricts the search for their accounts. According to the search results, in accordance with the network platform environmental governance guidelines, especially for the reporting of nicknames, portraits, and functional profiles, if the network platform assessment conclusions form an infringement crime, the corresponding elements of the infringement crime will be dealt with. After disposition, if the reported party has contrary proof materials, it can submit through the compensation channel, and the network platform will also conduct a review and evaluation conclusion on the claim, and decide whether to resume reporting the problem of text infringement crimes in the small process, and the reported party After receiving the report notice, you can make an evaluation conclusion on the text of the alleged infringement and crime pointed out in the report notice, and stop selling the high-risk text of the infringement and crime on your own. When the network platform is reviewing, if the cooperative developers have already disposed of the reported text, they will avoid disposing of the entire small process. In order to protect the overall rights and interests of the small process and maintain the continuity of the small process service items, for those that are not serious violations of the law For small process violations and crimes that do not belong to multiple batches or deliberate confrontation, the network platform will issue a reminder for rectification and disposal of violations, and a comprehensive rectification must be carried out for the violations, otherwise the small process may be suspended from sale. The environmental governance of the network platform is inseparable from the UGC text management of social and tool small processes. The QQ small process uses the important information security capabilities of the open network platform to build a "text security interface" to support the use of service project providers. Co-developers can use this interface to initially detect text and pictures in small processes. In the future, texts such as audio and video can also be detected, so as to discover and deal with obviously bad and important information in small processes in a timely manner. The collection of important information must be reasonable. User privacy and data security are also the focus of the QQ mini-process. On December 27, 2018, a subsidiary of Baidu released the "Baidu Privacy for Protection White Paper", advocating the privacy of "science and technology for good, and data protection". In order to protect the concept, in the "Terms of Service Items" and "Operation Specifications" of the small process, there are special chapters on "Protection of User's Personal Important Information" and "User Privacy and Data Specification" respectively. In addition to institutional guarantees, the QQ mini-process gives users more control over product function design. On the settings page of the mini-process, a data permission switch is provided for users. Once the user authorizes and closes it, the mini-process can use the User data needs to be re-authorized to provide users with more convenient data control rights. Users can also see privacy data protection tips and report entries on the data page of the small process. Small processes adhere to the principle of "necessary + reasonable" in the collection and acquisition of user data. Necessity means that only in the specific business of small processes, when there is indeed a scenario where user data needs to be obtained, can cooperative developers obtain it User's consent and authorization; reasonable means that the scope of data obtained by cooperative developers should not exceed the scope of data required by specific scenarios. For example, a small process that provides food delivery services may need to obtain data such as phone number and address, but it is not necessary to obtain data such as gender and age. Otherwise, the network platform will consider the criminal act of collecting user data by the small process to violate "necessary and reasonable" According to the principle, such small processes will be dealt with. It is understood that small processes will also be authorized with vests for nicknames and portraits. Users can choose unreal nicknames and portraits to authorize login without affecting the normal operation of small processes. In this way, the psychological pressure on users to authorize portrait nicknames is minimized.

Small process report conclusion (2018 QQ small process infringement reports nearly 4,000 important information collection must be scientific and reasonable) Is this all right? ,

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