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shared with you the knowledge of how to fuck a woman in the past, and it will also explain it, if it can properly solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this site, Let's start now! List of contents of this article: 1. How can a boy be a girl without too much pain for the first time 2. Everyone said, how can I have sex with my girlfriend? 3. How can I get my love If a boy goes to bed with a girl, it won’t hurt too much for the first time. If you have done enough foreplay, there should be some moisture. You have to tell her not to take too much time Yes. If it is secondary, you should gently state that she is not too secondary ~ or say something else to sublimate the atmosphere. It is just foreplay, often comforting her secondary position. Women are very special Sensitive, even touching will hurt at first, but after a few times it won’t go away, and you will be more cooperative. When you really recognize each other, you must treat it carefully at that time. I personally suggest to arrange a better one. Hello, if you want it to be less painful, you should pay attention to these points on how to fuck a woman: the foreplay must be sufficient, this is the most important thing; you can use some slippery fluid; you can slide your finger on the hole first, Allow the mind to adapt slowly. In fact, most of the time, the mind mainly causes muscle tension, which causes great pain. Be gentle, be gentle, the first time a girl is not only hurt beforehand, but if she is rude, she will hurt for a week beforehand It’s also normal. Therefore, boys should respect and cherish their girlfriends. For girls, this is very sad. If you plan to develop for a long time in my personal opinion, it is recommended to be gentle for the first time, and not to be too fast. Take your time. Use your hands and mouth (tongue, lips) to fight before, use your penis to make her sexually passionate to the point where you need to pull it out, and then go in. Note, as usual Will lick her father's good fluid dry, resulting in slippery sluggishness, which will aggravate the pain. Hello, it will hurt anyway, but you can make her suffer as much as possible. As much as possible Ask her to relax, don't pull it out too impatiently, enough flirting and caressing is very important, so that her body can be changed and contraception is a must, wear a condom, I believe you are not capable for the first time Prevent yourself from ejaculating. Everyone said, how can I have sex with my girlfriend? 1. Say good things, invite her to go shopping, watch movies, buy her small gifts, remember her birthday, etc. Yes, pick up and drop off at work, sometimes send flowers, play with romance, go on like this, I'm afraid that if you fuck a woman, your girlfriend will throw herself into her arms. 2. So, what you have to do is "delay because you can't eat hot tofu in a hurry" "Psychology" and show more sympathy to her now. After a long time, she will have a sense of trust in you, and she will naturally lower her self-esteem, and would rather contribute to you. 3. Safe and comfortable climate, Condoms, the best, a bit more flirtatious, get a bottle of red wine, if it's the first time, it's best to prepare a bouquet of flowers for her, and you must be willing to pay for the cleaning of the bed sheets. If you open a room, it's best to prepare the ID cards of two people It's a room on the inner side of the hotel, and the higher the floor, the better. The air conditioner needs to be cool. 4. Watching alone with you is tacit consent. Girls don't just say how to fuck a woman, I want to ML. When staying at the hotel at night. Don't ask her how many rooms she lives in. Pull in your hand and go straight in. Even if they live in one room, girls will still be reserved. Don't ask her can I do it with you. It must be impossible. Just pull in your hand and say something nice. How to sleep with the woman you love, 1. If you love her and want a woman to sleep with you, then you have to love her. When a man experiences sex first, he will arouse love; when a woman experiences love, she will have sex. sex. 2. And good interpersonal relationship, I believe so, good girls will belong to you. 3. If you want to occupy a woman, of course you must find an opportunity. After your woman falls in love with you irresistibly, you can find an opportunity to date her, and then stop escorting her home. That's all for the introduction of how to fuck a woman, thank you for taking the time to watch and appreciate the content of this site, don't forget to search for more information about and how to fuck a woman on this site.

A simple introduction on how to fuck a woman (

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